5 Ways Texting Can Improve Patient Outcomes

By | May 19, 2021

Some institutions are slow in adapting change into the system. And one of them is medicine and healthcare. Medical clinics are known to run tested and tried technologies that have been there for decades.

Medical clinics have been slow to adopt the use of text messaging. Messaging has become a widespread method of communication across almost every demographic. It’s not only common among millennials. If you haven’t yet adopted this form of communication into your clinic, this article is definitely for you. At the end of it, you will hopefully be convinced of the utility that you are to gain from automated patient appointment reminders.

Automated patient appointment reminders

A missed appointment no only derails the entire staff but also leads to hundreds of dollars in lost revenue per patient. Multiply that by the thousands of patients who miss their appointments and we have over a million dollars.

With an automated patient reminder service at your clinic, you can be able to change this. The service makes use of texts to effectively remind clients of their appointments. It is a two-way service through which patients can communicate their availability. The administrative staff can either update or postpone an appointment appropriately leading to a satisfied patient and also a profit-making clinic.


Post-care instructions

Once a patient walks out of your doors, a majority are bound to forget their doctor’s instructions; even if they were nodding enthusiastically at that moment. What this means is readmittance at a later time in the year. There is also the possibility that the doctor’s instructions were misunderstood. 

With a texting service, patients can receive these post-instructions as SMS. Smartphones are now an essential component of people’s lives. Patients will be able to refer later on to the SMS and diligently follow the instructions leading to a quick and successful recovery.


It is only from feedback and reviews of the quality of care can a medical practice provide quality and consistent service over time. Satisfaction of a patient’s needs accordingly will improve your status as a value-based medical clinic.

However, it will be difficult to get a patient to fill a form on a review of the quality of care. A text survey on the other hand can work perfectly for you.


An SMS can serve as the ideal way of updating patients on new developments. Emails are regarded as official communication between the patients and the medical clinic but sometimes due to a lack of internet service, it might not be opened. An SMS reminder can meet this need perfectly.

A text messaging service also reduces time wasted on calling patients.

Payment of bills

You can either choose to have a pay by text service or provide a link to the patient.


Text messaging in healthcare has the potential of improving patient experience. With efficient workflow, patients can receive better quality service, both in and out of the medical clinic or hospital.